FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19th 7:30pm THRESHOLD THEATER--DWELLING IN POSSIBILITY--FALL FORWARD Dwelling in Possibility....Fall Forward with Threshold Ensemble
Stories about What's Coming from the Future" The return of Threshold, for another intimate evening where your life stories are brought to life by this great improv theater and music ensemble. $15 Donation. Great Food and Drinks--including beer from Fremont Brewing--available. More Info: http://www.thresholdensemble.org/

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20th 7:30pm JIM PAGE RETURN CONCERT Seattle's Legendary Bard Poet and Guitarist, Jim Page returns for another evening of original songs, from love songs, to social commentary, to sharp political commentary. Always a treat. A favorite of Bonnie Raitt. No Cover. Donation Appreciated. Great food and drinks--including beer from Fremont Brewing. Hear Jim's music: http://www.myspace.com/seattlejimpage/

We keep serving them up, and you keep asking for another helping. So here they are. There are many bluegrass and old-timey bands in the Northwest, but none quite like PICKLED OKRA. They breathe new life into a classic genre with fresh ideas and playful family charm. Conceived in 2006 by a husband and wife team, Todd and Paisley Gray, playing of mandolin, upright bass, and banjo leaving plenty of room for their rich vocal harmonies. New bandmates, and Alyse Read (banjo) complete the band's rich sound.
Yes they all know their bluegrass licks and aren’t afraid to show them off, and their music is full of ideas borrowed from old time fiddle tunes, jazzy delta blues, pop, rock, reggae and funk as we. No Cover. Donations appreciated. Hear Pickled Okra: http://getokra.com/fr_home.cfm.

Hey, we had so much fun at the last weekend Community Open Mic, we decided to do it again. There is so much talent in our Community. Come Strut you stuff: Music, Poetry, Stories, Dance, Rants, Whatever. No Cover. Sign-up at 7pm Come early. Great Food and Drinks--including beer from Fremont Brewing--available.
OPEN MIC...Strut Your Stuff....Every Wednesday at 7:30pm. it is growing more popular weekly. Come discover all the great talent in our community. Music, Dance, Stories, Poems, Comedy, Whatever. Sign-up is at 7pm. Drink Available.

Writer's Group Now you have two Writer's Groups to choose from: Writing with Marilyn meets every Monday at 7pm and is for those need fun exercises to perk up their creative muse. Writer's Sharing Group is for Writer's already working on something, wanting friendly tips and critiques. Every Tuesday at 7pm.

Another Obit On Books and Bookstores

Reports of the Death of Bookstores are Greatly Exaggerated

In today's Seattle Times, columnist Danny Westneat wrote another story on the impending last breath of bookstores in Seattle and the nation. You can read it here at http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/dannywestneat/2010939207_danny31.html. If you have the time, read the reader's comment too. Overall, the comments possess a more nuanced and accurate take on what is happening and will probably happen to books and brick and mortar bookstores. Some of the comments are unintentionally hilarious (and provide this author with future comic material), such as the following from Paul000: "The independent bookstores in Seattle serve a niche of people that mostly includes liberal women (who probably are the biggest book readers), homosexuals, and other "progressive" urban types. If you don't want to buy that type of literature, then you are out of luck."
Well, there you have it: Liberal women, progressive urban-types and homosexuals. While Couth Buzzzard Books Espresso Buono Cafe certainly enjoys catering to those three demographics "types" we also believe that the future of independent bookstores is contingent upon serving everyone in our "community."
And serving community is an vital bookstore function missed in the Westneat article.
Sure bricks and mortar bookstores are closing here in bookstore-rich Seattle and across the country. But places like Couth Buzzard Espresso Buono serve needs--primal needs perhaps--that online booksellers and Kindlesque devices can never, never meet: the human need for true, face-to-face social contact, communication, interaction: instantaneous communication--faster and more giddy-inducing than any Giga Network number promised by any Corporation.
And speaking of Corporations, online buyers of books and of downloads for their Kindle-Ipad-UPlod devices should contemplate the fact that for each "purchase" they make, their "profile" is being scooped up and "gathered" and stored, and plugged into unimaginative algorithms of market stereotypes and then spit back out to them as personable "We Recommend Just For You" embedded and unavoidable Pop-Up advertisements, which also serve the purpose of cataloging your reading "habits" for use by these web-based corporations for future "market" strategies, and for sale to other corporations that also do not have your best interest in mind, and, perhaps also to government agencies who--as they have in the past-may take an interest in just what is (your name) reading these days.
Well, there is no gathering of buyer information at Couth Buzzard Espresso. We are a Free Speech and Privacy Honored Zone.Our goal is to stock a complete variety of books, from best sellers to collectibles and obscure titles, and to serve as a physical meeting place for all people in our true "community." It's not just about books, its about knowledge, and sharing and coming together, creating community, One Book, One Cup at at Time.
Maybe Danny Westneat should have interviewed us before writing his Obit to Bookstores column.

IPad, Kindle and the Future of Books. Very Interesting

I believe that books and bookstores/cafe will be around for a long, long time because public meeting places are vital to communities. Digital readers are important tools for many, but can never meet this deeper, human need. Any thoughts?

Free Speech Zone

A friend recently posted the following interesting quote:
"With liberty comes excess. I mean, if you want to play it safe then you're not going to have liberty. The safer you are with guarding those things that you value, those speech codes that you value, the more you invite tyranny, the more you invite suppression, the more you invite censorship."Ron Collins (author/scholar at the First Amendment Center).
Thinking about these thoughts lead me to remember the Old Couth Buzzard and it's "George Carlin" Discount offer. I put up a sign right after learning of the death of that great, essential even, comic and social commentator. Next to a photo of George, I posted: "Say One Of The Seven Banned Words and Receive 50 Cents Off Of Your Book Purchase!" Most of you know of Carlin's famous routine about the seven words that the Federal Communications Commission bans from the airways. In a famous Catch 22 situation, the FCC will not tell you which words are banned because, well, they are banned. Carlin mock just idiocy, and his case went all the way to the US Supreme Court.
Anyway, one of my most pleasant surprises was watching the almost child-like glee arise in those customers who took up the challenge. Saying "those" words in public!? In a store!Some customers knew all seven words, and then, playfully asked for $3.50 off.
The New Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Buono Cafe continues with it commitment to celebrate one of this country's most important freedoms: Expression. We are, indeed, a Free Speech Zone. A Free Ideas Zone.
For how else are we to discover how best to move forward as a community, as a people, as a country, as humans unless we have the forum to fully express ourselves, to listen to each other.
Writing Group Begins February 1 We're gathering together folks who like to write on Monday Evenings from 7 to 9pm. There is no fee, but a great barista will be on duty should you wish to refresh yourself and stimulate those neurons.
Our format will be guided spontaneity. The Supreme Leader of the Pack, Marilyn Stauter will suggest various topics, beginnings, ideas from which we all can write. This will be a No Criticism group. Contact Couth Buzzard Espresso Buono at theo@buonobuzzard, or Marilyn at stauter5687@msn.com or 206 633-5687.
Family Game Night Every Thursday 6pm to 9pm
Let's come together and play card and board games every Thursday from 6 to9pm. Chess, Go, Bridge, Scrabble, Dominos, Apples to Apples and more. The Cafe will also be open for drinks and food.
Today, I was thinking: What is the purpose of the new Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Buono Cafe? Seattle--especially North Seattle--has amazing independent bookstores and coffee shops. Sure their numbers are decreasing, but many still survive.The addiction to conspicuous consumption that attracts many to Starbucks and Barnes and Noble also turns off a great many more community-oriented folks.
It seems to me that a typical independent bookstore or coffeehouse offers visitors an opportunity to come alone to read or with a small group of friends for quiet, undisturbed intellectual conversation. Public discussions and debates are really not part of the ambiance. The music smoothly wafts from the speakers to reinforces this privatized, public experience. Perhaps someone sits in a corner with laptop or pen composing deep-felt thoughts. The calm and quiet are so necessary in our quick-paced, don't think twice world.

But, we need--and I know need is a loaded word--something more too. And that is what I believe the new Couth Buzzard Espresso Buono Cafe offers. A public place to come together as a community; to discuss; learn; laugh; hear different music; and, yes, even to disagree. Openly, in good spirit, one book, one cup at a time.

This Public Openness is nothing new. In fact it all goes back to those original coffee houses in 18th Century England. Coffee houses sprung up during the rapid rise of Industrialization; a place to meet after a hard days labor. They called them Penny Universities. (Not related to Penny, our great Cafe Manager!!!) Following is a long quotation from an article by J. Pelzer, called The English Coffee Houses.

Instead of paying for drinks, people in the eighteenth century were charged a mere penny to enter a coffee house. Once inside, the patron had access to coffee, the company of other customers, pamphlets, bulletins, newspapers, and news ‘reporters.’ These reporters were called "runners" and they went around the coffee houses announcing the latest news, like we might hear on the radio today. Before television advertisements and bulletin boards, people visited coffee houses to hear about the newest developments and business ideas.

One of the most unusual aspects of this environment was the eclectic groups of people that ran into each other at a coffee house. In a society that placed such importance on class and economical status, the coffee houses were unique because the patrons were people of all levels. For example, a merchant could converse with a prominent businessman. Anyone with a penny could come inside. Students from the university’s also frequented coffee houses, often spending more time at the shops then at school. It is easy to imagine the wide range of ideas that were produced as a result of this intermingling of people. The term “Penny University” is often used in reference to the eighteenth century coffee houses because of this reason. Coffee houses encouraged open thought and gathering of community. This environment, which was so conducive to intellectual discovery, could almost be called a school of social learning. To some people this was probably more of a school then rigid classrooms where people could not step out of a particular social role.(End of Quote.)

Well there you have it. How far have we evolved--or is it devolved?--from public places like the Penny University? In our small way,we are striving to reestablish that community discourse. We are open to your comments and suggestions on how we can best achieve this at the Couth Buzzard Espresso Buono.
Today, I am remembering that one day at the old Couth Buzzard when a middle-aged woman--slender and pretty, really--walked into the store with a very purposeful gait. She came up to the counter and slammed the one book she had down hard and said,"Do you give credit for books.""Why yes," I sheepishly replied. "This book is abosolutely usesless!!!" she declared. I turned it over. The title: "Passionate Marriage."
She then asked me where she could find the fiction. I think she bought a Margaret Atwood book.
Seattle's best book culture commentator, Paul Constant of the Stranger gave our upcoming Grand Re-Opening Party on Saturday the 16th a Star in his Events Calendar. That means it is a must go-to event for all you Bookies. Great drinks, food, fun, entertainment all day and into the night with a Special Cabaret at 7pm hosted by the great Kate Smith.

Thanks to co-owner and Science Fiction buff, Gerry Lovchik, for twenty years Couth Buzzard Used Books had one of North Seatte's largest and most extensive Science Fiction collections. Many mass market collectibles with those great cover illustrations.
We are looking to re-build our Science Fiction collection. Pleasese come on by and bring in your Science Fiction books for trade, and purchase some books too.

Theo's Extra Short Mostly True Story #1

Boy was I tired after my 13 hour day at the new Buzzard. It was that good kind of tired. I locked up and went to my truck. As soon as I backed up I heard that unwelcomed "PaaaTtaaat." Someone carefully nestled a bottle under my tire. Then came the escaping air "Hissssssss." A blowout. At first I thought some street drunk with an empty bottle of cheap wine and a mind filled with bitterness needed to strike back at an unforgiving world. Then I found the label with the embedded jewels of glass shards; it was that over- priced, Pro-Biotic(Are there Anti-Biotics) drink, Kambucha. So the tire got deflated and so did one of my remnant prejudices. Life is interesting that way.

Greeings BuonoBuzzard Friends

Welcome to our new--and still under construction--website. We are committed to having this digital space augment and serve our wonderful new physical space.
Please, feel free to send us tips, suggestions, comments to help us grow into a true community space.

Don't forget our Grand Re-Opening all day and into the evening on Satruday, January 16th. Food, talk, entertainment, and, in the evening a Special Cabaret. Volunteers to help with the day are also needed.

There are a few things we could use:

* A big comfy, clean reading chair for one of our nooks.
* A small comfy couch.
* Some clean rugs in a variety of sizes.
* Your crafts and art that we can display in our store.
* Books, books, books. We are especially looking for good fiction, science, philosophy, and books on Agnosticism and Atheism(we have tons of various books on religions).
*Clever, eccentric Knick-Knacks to place in our store.

Penny, Gerry & Theo...

If any of you are reading this...something is working!